Case Study Lymphedema

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6. Removing lymph nodes can result in a condition called lymphedema which is caused when lymphatic fluids collect in the tissue surrounding the excised lymph node. 7. Megan’s growth hormone-releasing hormone level is normal. 8. Megan would most likely be treated for her condition with growth hormone since growth hormone-releasing hormone is being released from the hypothalamus in levels within normal range, and hence should be releasing growth hormone. This means the problem lies within the pituitary gland which is the location where growth hormone is being released from. 9. Julie’s parathyroid level would increase in an effort to try and enhance the release of calcium from the mother’s bones. It would use this calcium to make the baby’s forming bones. It would do this because there is not enough calcium in Julie’s blood from dietary intake to sufficiently necessitate the process. 10.…show more content…
A high level of ADH in the blood would increase blood pressure. The increase would be caused by the blood volume containing more water which in turn increases the overall volume of blood, therefore applying more pressure on the walls of the cardiovascular system. 11. Blood moves through a portal system with the aid of gravity since there is no pumping mechanism to aid the process. 12. There are sensors in the walls of the arteries that detect blood pressure which in turn sends signals to the heart and arterioles, the veins, and kidneys that cause them to increase or decrease blood pressure as needed. The heart can speed up and/or eject blood more forcefully with each contraction. Veins narrow to return more blood for pumping. Arterioles narrow to increase resistance to blood flow. The kidneys can remove less water from the blood by less bled flow being received
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