Case Study: Macfarlane's Solutions

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Case Study The Case Study concerning MacFarlane solutions is an interesting one to note down regarding strategic planning in an organization. From the information given, it appears that the small business expanded merely due to the insight of Bill MacFarlane and the planning that he gave forward. (McDonald 2011 pg. 736) Bill started off after working in a firm and having an experience of more than forty years. He specialized in what he knew and then gave forward what he was good out. There was risk in his ventures as the expert started out, however he trusted his instincts and went out with the planning. Experience Ever since mankind has evolved, it has been seen that people are motivated to learn from one another. There have been groups of people who can go on to learn from the people they interact with and with their teachers as well. However, some argue that large corporatizations have killed that instinct and impeded humans from learning and interacting with one another. (Bartlett and Ghoshal, 1994, pg 34) The companies are working on extracting knowledge from the people instead of giving them something new to learn. MacFarlane however went on to do the opposite and made use of all the skills that were taught to him during the experience. That is to say that MacFarlane reversed the whole short term static efficiency norm and went on gain information from the company he used to work with. Organizational learning: a tool for Bill MacFarlane It can be observed

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