Case Study : Mad Performance Team Essay

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Introduction Congratulations on becoming a member of Melchor’s Mad Performance team. Here at Melchor’s Mad Performance, We provide the best quality and safety for our customers circumstances. We will not be happy until our customer and sponsors are satisfied with our work. No matter the possibility of out customers and sponsors need they deserve to be satisfied with our work. As an employe of Melchor’s Mad Performance we have some expectation from our employees to give our customer what they need in the in the certain amount of time that they provide. We also expect for your work place to look as neat and clean as possible. Failure to keep a clean workplace may result in damage to customers property or physical harm to yourself and/or your co workers. These are some of the most important expectation that we request from you to have a professional environment as well as a safe environment. Further expectation will be read in further along the Employe hand book. This Employe Handbook will provide you most of the questions that you may have about the shop rules and work related issues. Further questions can be asked to the owner of the shop or managers. If we are not available at the time for any reason feel free to contact us with an email to Thank you, Melchor Mendoza
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