Case Study : Malaysia As A Case Study

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To investigate management risk in events industry: Malaysia as a case study.

Chapter One
1.0 Introduction
The sudden rise of business and associated events in Malaysia, coupled with the spiraling of event management companies, has gotten to alarming proportions. This south-east Asian country is gradually becoming a hub for tourism and not surprisingly international and local business event or meeting. It is strategically located in the world’s largest and fastest growing economic zone, and this has sparked the burning desire for local and multinational businesses and organisations to host their function in this part of the world.

Geographically, Malaysia has a topography that ranks it as one of the key tourist destinations of all time; with white sandy beaches, rugged mountains and green vegetations. It is also home to a striking contrast of city life, where you find dazzling sky scrapers, lying side to town buildings built on stilts. Been the world’s largest producer of computer disk drives, rubber and timber, also named the world’s largest exporter of palm oil to the tune of US$14.58 billion in 2009; Malaysia is expanding on a global scale. Even governments and corporate organisations are not left out as it has become a key element of development, in terms of marketing benefit and economically (Bowdin, 2006).
However, since the event industry is a multibillion dollar business venture, it is pertinent that risks are involved and therefore adequate risk protection…
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