Case Study : ' Mamie '

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Mamie is an 87-year-old women whose degenerative arthritis causing her to me almost completely incapacitated and is losing her memory to senility. Moira Mamies daughter is concerned her mother is being abused by her brother Meldrick who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia after an honorable discharge. Meldrick is the sole caretaker of his mother, he relies on support from Moira as well as his mother’s Social Security and Medicare assistance. Moira has seen bruises on her mother and has heard reports of her mother being left outside in a car for hours at night while her brother went in to various places (bar, OTB, church). Mamie might not be in her right mind to remember if she’s being abused or might not know what to nor can she really stand up for herself if she is being abused. I believe that Mamie may be being neglected but I’m not certain she is being physically abused. I am convinced that Mamie is being neglected. Leaving Mamie alone in a car for hours is neglect and Moira has said she had heard repeated reports of Mamie being left in the car for hours. People who reported seeing this should be questioned as hear say is not enough evidence. A category which neglect covers is failure to care for the elder which includes “… failure to feed, clothe, or bathe the elder. Improper diet, lack of supervision for the elder, and other acts that expose the elder to possible injury fall within this classification” (Wallace, pp. 298-300). When Meldrick left Mamie in the car
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