Case Study : Management And Organization Essay

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MGMT501 Management and Organisation Assessment #3 Case Study Report and Reflection Yuanyuan Cui 14875657 Executive summary The objective of this report was to analyze Vivint-Smart Home Solutions’ performance in terms of organisational culture, management and leadership styles and motivation and how organizations have been affected by them. In this report, we identified that Vivint has an association of Hierarchy and Market organisational culture, relationship-oriented and task-oriented leadership styles and servant leadership style. Moreover, it demonstrated that Vivint has intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. These resulted in successful and unsuccessful practices of Vivint based on the Undercover Boss TV series based on three aspects which have been mentioned above. In addition, this report critiqued the Undercover Boss method for discovering the problems within an organisation and recommended other processes for uncovering issues. The results showed that organisational culture, management and leadership styles as well as motivation played significant roles in Vivint’s performance. Recommendations have been made to improve the unsuccessful practices of Vivint such as training managers to be empathic problem solver, examining and updating the working condition regularly, bonus for employees who give feedback voluntarily on management processes and offering fund to employees who are in need of support. Introduction It is increasingly significant

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