Case Study: Management Change by Meg Whitman at HP

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Management Change by Meg Whitman at HP Change is one of the lucrative undertakings within an organization. The acts of change are regarded to usher new mechanisms of functionalism and productivity within an organization. In many organizations, change has been taken as a necessary strategy that guides the entire aspect of growth and development. Without change, the future sustainability and existence of many organizations and businesses globally would be doomed. This means that change aspect has been necessary and acceptable in many organizations. It is important to consider and accept the aspects of change in organizations. In many cases, the entire process of realizing change and its functionalism within an organization needs to be classified. As such, many of the organizations in the world have accrued their efforts towards the management of change as a way of growing their businesses (Whitman & Hamilton, 2010). Before the evolution of businesses and organizations, the traditional and elementary practices were dominant. It was not possible to tell the nature of growth and development that was to be realized by most of these organizations. Nonetheless, the acceptance of change has assisted in bringing more clarity and importance of change. Therefore, the entire concept of change and its management has taken the world by a surprise and with great avenues of growth and development. Management of change refers to the aspect of monitoring the entire process of change within

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