Case Study : Management Final Project

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Management Final Project
For my research project, I am selecting a company that I am very familiar with. I work for Ericsson, more specifically I work for the Managed services branch of Ericsson. The company as a whole has a very complicated hybrid organizational structure that on the surface can look very bureaucratic in nature.
The truth is that it can sometimes be that way, but for the most part the structure serves the company well. The first layer, as in almost any multi-national company is the corporate level. They are based in Sweden and they house all of the executive officers. The president and CEO, COO, CIO and others are all based in this location. They are responsible for setting the overall tone and strategy for the all of the company.
Once you move past this level, there are regions within the company. RNAM (Region North America) is the region that I work in, but there are others throughout the world. The geographic design of the regions is particularly helpful to the home office as they can see how performance number are for different regions of the globe and they can tailor more customer offerings for goods and services based on the business climate in different locations. These customizations help to bring strong offerings to our clients as well as keep a healthy bottom line for the shareholders.
Once inside the Regions of the company, there is further breakout into the Product/Service lanes. The largest examples of this are the Network lane, which provides

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