Case Study: Management Information System of a Bus Company

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IT 112: Management Information System CASE STUDY: MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM OF A BUS COMPANY By: Ledeza May S. Buntag Bernamie A. Barnaja Mary Claire P. Boco Claire P. Cervantes Jowen S. Delima Introduction Increasing number of population also increases the number of passengers which requires large source of public transportation that is convenient, safe, and affordable for a typical person along for the ride. Bus companies play a vital role in transportation now a day. From its first invention which is known as “carriage” up to now Bus companies are still blending to the changing economy and responding to the needs and wants of its passengers. Management Information System is one of the new innovations of technology…show more content…
When all those process have been done then, financial reporting takes place in which the financial analyst evaluate all the financial transaction have been made in a particular time. 2.4 OPERATION SYSTEM OF A BUS COMPANY SCHEDULING Scheduler Passenger TICKETING Conductor DISPATCHING Dispatcher Operations Manager DRIVING TO LOCATION Driver Bus operating system involves processes such as Scheduling where the scheduler is responsible for assisting the passenger in selecting the most convenient schedule for the passenger. Then, Ticket collecting will be the next process and the assigned officer is the conductor who’s responsible for collecting the tickets from the passengers upon entering the bus. When the bus has already reached its passenger capacity, the dispatcher takes place in dispatching the bus for travel. Lastly, the dispatcher gives the driver a signal to start the ride to the location. In every process the Operating manager intervenes to the operating system where he is checking every process to their services to ensure that his people is doing their responsibilities and to make sure that their facilities are still working in accordance to its use. That is the typical flow of a bus operation system. 2.5 MAINTAINANCE AND REPAIR SYSTEM REPLENISHING MAINTAINANCE Maintenance Personnel UPGRADES DIAGNOSTICS REPAIR Applying an appropriate MIS to the maintenance and repair system of a bus

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