Case Study Management : Master Of Project Management Essay

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Student ID : CGSSO00019503 Student Name : AHMED ABDI OSMAN Course Code : BMOM5203 Course Name : Project management Program : MASTER OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT Semester : ONE/ MAY SEMESTER 2015 Assignment : ORGANIZATIONAL AND BUSINESS MANAGEMEN Facilitator : ISMAIL ALOW Date due : 02/07/2015 Submission Date : 29/08/2015 Table of Contents 2 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Literature Review 5 2.1 Schedule 5 2.2 Cost 6 3.3 Scope 6 3.0 Discussion of Triple Constraints 7 4.0 Discussion on execution of the three elements by Project Manager for the successful planning, resourcing and execution of a project. 10 4.1 The best-made schedules can change. 10 4.1 Crashing, Not Burning 11 5.0 Conclusions 12 1.0 Introduction Project management has become one of the most admired tools for both public and private organizations as project handlers have wanted ways to develop their operations. Project managers seek to accomplish success across all sectors when handling a mission. Technological development, new product development and reform of business perspectives are examples of targets place by project managers. During the initiation of a project, there is the careful scheduling, organizing and prioritizing obtainable income achieving the desired result or the project outcome in the least. At beginning stage, a project seeks to accomplish the place down target within a smallest time while using

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