Case Study : Management Of The Company

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Strident Case Study Background Information Strident Company was a small management company that was founded by Bernie Jacobs. Bernie ran the company by himself for years and had a good relationship with his employees, ensuring that they always performed well and were able to meet the stipulated goals and objectives of the organization. Later on, his son Alex Jacobs took over the management of the company. He noticed that the performance of the company drastically went down and was causing them to lose more clients each day, thus impacting on the profitability of the organization (Anthony, Peter, and Barbara, 2012). Although Alex could easily define the problems in the organization, he was unsure of the right cause of action to take to…show more content…
This explains why rather than the employees working together as a team they have separated themselves into small groups that constantly bicker (The Johari Window, 2015). This has resulted in a high level of unproductiveness and equally impacting on the overall success of the organization. The manager should be the one to work to bring the members of the organization together and help ensure that they eventually come to work together. Once the members of the organization are in this area, they can help improve each other by offering feedback constructively and sensitively ensuring that it has some positive results in the long run. The manager can play an important role in determining the nature of the feedback and also give feedback directly to members of the group on some of the blind areas that they may be experiencing. The main cause of the problem in the company is the fact that the new management has not taken the time to get to know the employees better. Given that the employees were already used to the old way of doing things, it is imperative that a change in management comes with detailed information on the changes that will take place in the organization to better allow the employees to adapt. Moreover, the employees are not motivated to work together, which could be attributed to the culture that exists within the organization. The goals set by Alex as the leader in the organization are rather
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