Case Study : Management People & Organization

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MBA501 – MANAGEMENT PEOPLE & ORGANISATION ASSIGNMENT – 2 STRATAGIC MANAGEMENT SUBMITTED BY – SANDEEP KUMAR STUDENT ID - 11592203 SUBMITTED TO – RAMANATHAN R. INDEX ASSIGNMENT – 2 Introduction Introduction Strategic management – It is the set of action used to formulate and implements specific strategies (includes continues planning, monitoring, analysis and decision) that will achieve the competitively superior fit between the organization and environment, so as to achieve organizational the goals. Along with it, it is necessary to rise the performance of an organization to its competitors, means the organization’s average profitability is high as compare to its competitors. It can be apply both on small as well as big organization. Due to Strategic management, for employees of an organization, it becomes very easy to understand and fit in their work according to organization’s plan. So strategic management is to eye on both targets and objectives of organizations. Apple Inc. is one of world’s large company. It is founded by Steve Job, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak in the year of 1976. Apple Inc. is a software and hardware company. Moreover, Apple Inc. has innovative marketing strategies. Means creating new software and hardware of its products series - iPhone, iPod, computer, iMac, iTune. Apple Inc. always try to give new technology to their consumers. Along with it, all the product of Apple Inc. are very expensive, but due to its product qualities and features it
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