Case Study Management Programs Are Concerned With Reducing Costs And Improving The Quality Of Care

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Case management programs are concerned with reducing costs and improving the quality of care. The aim is to achieve cost reduction, quality improvement, and an effective use of services. Case management programs are regarded as communication, advocacy, and resource management, which promotes quality and reduces cost for the health care system. Case management is a collective process of planning, assessment, facilitation, evaluation, care coordination, and advocacy to meet a patient’s wide-ranging needs. According to Talisman et al. (2015), case management has helped to bridge the gap between need and access to care. Thus promoting cost effective and quality outcomes. Case management programs are an ongoing, person-centered treatment plan. The idea of case management programs are that everyone benefits when the patient reaches the most favorable level of wellness, functional capability, and self-wellness. Assessments begin with identifying the patient’s needs, researching personal resources, determining strengths and goals, and determining what treatment plan should be developed. Additionally, case management programs help to provide individualized counseling, advice, and therapy to patients in the community. The case manager helps identify appropriate facilities and providers throughout the patient’s care, while ensuring that available resources are being used in a cost effective and timely manner. This includes linking the patient with benefits and services,
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