Case Study Management : Project Management

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Dauren Bolatov
Hisham Faour
PM Fundamentals

Case Study #1 What is one of the biggest challenges for IT industry companies is implementing project management practice within a constantly changing environment and not flexible inner culture of the company. This paper is based on the case by Harvard Business School that is describing challenges and failure of AtekPC during the implementation of Project Management Office. AtekPC is a PC maker founded 1984 with the headquarters in Metropolis. In 2006, it was a middle-sized company with sales of $1.9 billion. The company had 2100 full-time and 200 part-time employees 1. After flourishing 1990 's, the company was experienced transmission from growth industry with a small number of competitors to maturing period with new rivals. The pressure on the company as for other PC manufacturers in the USA were caused predominantly by two main factors: growing competition with new independent Asian rivals, and decreasing popularity of PC causing by booming PDC and Mobile phones with access to e-mail and other online applications, which previously was possible only with PC 1. The top management of the company understand that they need to be more aggressive and move more quickly, and become more "agile" and "more savvy in terms of use of IT" 1. The management of company decided to implement the Project Management Office that can help overcome raising issues. Generally speaking, PMO is not the same in all organization. It is vary from
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