Case Study : Management Theories And Practices

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MGT303 Management Theories and Practices

There are numerous moving parts in any organization and when a common core structure is present and where a company can grow to its fullest potential. This company that I’m going to dive into truly has embraced a forward thinking module where everyone is encouraged to participate in the success and growth of this company. It encourages you to be loud and proud of your actions, success stories and your results. This fortune 500 company is AT&T.

With every organizational structure you have to start with a mission, goal and a vision. Here at AT&T our mission is quoted on our website, “Our mission is to exploit technical innovations for the benefit of AT&T and its customers by implementing
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These are called Employee Resource Groups (ERG) and we currently have 13 different organizations that make a deep positive impact in every way. These groups are not mandatory but volunteers who contribute their free time to help others in need. Some groups have volunteer days to help support local homeless shelters or help raise money for charities. We also have a drive to succeed work ethic that’s highly contagious. We have created a diverse culture that promotes a WIN, WIN approach. We know that were only as strong as our weakest link and we don’t leave one another behind. We have an internal education platform that our employees can use to continue improve their current skill set. This helps maintain everyone in to stay ahead of our telecommunications industry curve. We have a deep level of camaraderie within our organization. With everyone working on the same common goal either in marketing, sales, finance, executive leadership and once that goal is finally achieved, it’s time for a group celebration.

Strategy is another extremely important role within our company and in particular is sales and innovation strategy. Sales and innovation are what companies thrive on. We as a software based company don’t hire engineers to build new customer facing applications. Then we can’t deliver new products or solutions. The good days of just winning a sales
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