Case Study : Managers And Management

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Lecture 1: Managers & Management

- Dealing with organisations outside
- Relating to supervisors
- Interacting with co-workers
- Manage yourself in the workplace

Managers: what they do

➢ Management – pursuit of organisational goals efficiently and effectively
➢ Effectiveness: attaining organisational goals using resources
➢ Efficiency: achieving results, making the right decisions to achieve organisational goals
➢ Four primary functions: planning, organising, leading, controlling
➢ Planning: setting goals, deciding to achieve a certain goal
➢ Organising: arranging tasks, people, resources to accomplish the work
➢ Leading: motivating, directing, influencing people to achieve the organisation’s goals
➢ Controlling: monitoring performance, comparing with goals

Levels of management:
• Top managers (determining overall direction): long-term decisions about the overall direction of the organisation, establish the objectives, policies and strategies
• Middle managers (implementing policies and plans): implement the policies and plans for the top managers, supervise and coordinate the activities of first-line managers
• First-line managers (directing daily tasks): short-term operating decisions, directing the daily tasks of non-managerial personnel

Areas of management:
• Functional manager: responsible for one organisational activity
• General manager: responsible for several organisational activities

Organisations: o For-profit organisations – making money, profits by…
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