Case Study : Managing Creativity At Shanghai Tang

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MGMT 6802 Exam 2 Managing Creativity at Shanghai Tang - Case Analysis Prepared for: Dr. McMillan Prepared by: Whitney Whitson 1. What does it mean to be an international luxury brand? The luxury brand industry is a $60 billion a year industry. Le Masne (owner) 2. What are the key tensions and challenges at Shanghai Tang? How did they come about? The challenges that Shanghai Tang is facing is in all actuality not dissimilar to what other companies in the fashion industry face. There is an apparent tension between the designers and business people that exists because each of them has a different view for what is best for the company and its impending major collection. The resulting resignation of Joanne Ooi, the creative…show more content…
As we saw throughout the case the company had talented and creative technical people but lacked some essential organizational capabilities. This may be the perfect opportunity for Shanghai Tang to reassess their human capital needs and determine the most effective organizational changes that are necessary. We have learned through this course leading organizational change is about defining a new strategic direction for the business and realigning its structure and management processes (Locke, 2009 p. 539). Additionally, the culture needs to be addressed at Shanghai Tang to ensure they are prepared with the necessary organizational capabilities that is required to implement the direction of the company. Shanghai Tang is lacking open communication among team members leading to a disconnected coordination. The shortage of communication leads to conflicts and disagreement between the designers and the business people. As we learned in our reading this semester honest conversation can enable people at all levels to voice their views and concerns. These open conversations also allow the airing of differences leading to a resolution of conflicting views (Locke, 2009 p. 538). Without the ability to open and honestly communicate there can be several barriers that will prohibit the growth of Shanghai Tang. 3. Who should be given priority, the creative designers or business people? When trying to determine which

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