Case Study: Managing for Organizational Integrity

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The aim/purpose of this report is to discuss how the information systems are managed systematically in an organizational operation. How those frontline managers should be competent in managing the systems, developing business plans and budgets as well as managing the resource proposal are made are researched in sources listed in the Bibliography and the practicable application of it in business as demonstrated by the case study of Blacktown city council which is followed by the theory of manage workplace information systems with the help of class notes and further researched on
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It also includes the facilities like the basics of life including the leisure and lifestyle, arts and entertainment like libraries, parks, reserves, child care centres, clubs etc.

The nature of work involves governing all the people living in Blacktown as a local government and providing each and every facilities that a local government should provide and is capable of. It includes the managing waste ,cleaning the public places, constructing the parks, reserves, clubs , child care centres and repairing of all those and lots of other projects.

The aim and objectives of Blacktown city council can be briefly explained as below: 1. To serve a whole Blacktown community as a parent organisation. 2. To provide each and every facilities for the diverse and dense multicultural community. 3. Carry out different planned project and implementing it for the development of Blacktown city and its welfare. 4. To workout for the different ways that can satisfies the local people and maintains the social harmony, peace, etc. 5. To provide safe environment for people in working and enjoying freely. 6. Safeguarding the people needs and necessities and maintain secure place to live in.

The project is on the Blacktown City council, Department of planning Engineering Team’s proposal of the ‘promotion of solar city products’

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