Case Study : Manny Flavors Cookie Company

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Manny Flavors Cookie Company (MFCC) is a reputable family owned business that has been in operations since 1889. Now in its fourth generation of ownership, MFCC’s sales have flourished and it is important that the business continue to grow to its fullest potential. Despite the success of the company, MFCC is currently experiencing problems on the operating floor. Willie Keepum, Vice President of Operations at the company, wishes to terminate all of the employees because he believes that many of the employees have a negative attitude and have become complacent about the quality of the product. Disregarding the opinions of the mid-level managers, he believes that firing the employees will show the workers who is in charge because there is nothing anyone can do to make the employees motivated to work. The current paper will explain the problems that MFCC face and how these problems may affect the company in its future business endeavors. Then, there will be an explanation of how a change in leadership style can benefit the organization more than terminating any employees. Lastly, alternative solutions will be stated to resolve the problems faced by workers and leaders on the operating floor of MFCC.
Frankly, the problem is that Keepum’s leadership style is having a negative impact on employee morale. Keepum underestimates the role of the work environment and blames employees for their own lack of motivation without truly assessing what has resulted in loss of morale. There may

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