Case Study, Marc Chagall

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Discuss how the environment and other influences, for example personal beliefs, have shaped the work of at least one artist you have studied this year. Refer to work done by this artist to substantiate your statements.
Marc Chagall was a Russian/French artist who was born into a poor family of Hassidic Jews on the 7th July 1887. Throughout his working life he was based in Russia from 1906-1910, then he moved to France for four more years before moving back to Russia and Soviet Belarus for eight years. Chagall was strongly influenced, but not limited to, movements such as Cubism, Fauvism and Surrealism. These movements are demonstrated in his work through the geometric shapes, his use of colour and the seemingly random placement of people
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This is because of the circle in the middle of the artwork joining the man, the goat and the background.
This artwork is a surreal representation of the town of Vitebsk where Chagall grew up. Chagall is trying to comment of the relationship of people with the land, which is demonstrated by the man looking at the goat as an equal and also by the woman milking a goat. As there are in many of Chagall’s works, there is a spiritual reference in this artwork. The goat and the Star of David are the symbolic references. The goat is a great symbol of sacrifice for the Jewish religion. The colours in the artwork are reminiscent of the circus or other flamboyant events. The man could represent the ringmaster. This could all show the way in which man lives in harmony with animals and the environment. The large circle in the middle of the page could symbolise the sun and the all the chaos surrounding it could show that the earth and everything on it is dependent on the sun for life. The bright colours could also symbolise the fake world, opposed to that of the world when Chagall grew up.
In “The Green Violinist” (1923-24) we see a green man wearing a purple coat, which is composed of geometrical shapes. He is placed in the centre of the artwork and is standing on or floating in the air above a couple of houses playing a violin. The fact that he is the only object that is coloured brightly in secondary colours compared to the rest of
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