Case Study : Market Entry Strategy

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Market entry strategy
JH.ZANE is a new designer fashion brand, which is focusing on getting back to basics, combining with details about women’s appearing. Since the business just started in 2013, the brand desires to entry into new potential market for the business expansion: international entry. There are three aspects about recommendations.

 Evaluating the China market & Finding the most suitable way to entry
 Maintain the brand image & Figure out multi-way to increasing brand promotion and brand awareness (Online, Offline)
 Identify the barriers

1. International Markets
‘The differences contrast with the view that firms should follow a single optimal strategy that is determined by the global industry environment.’ (Ohmae 1989; Yip, Loewe, and Yoshino 1988). After researching from the target consumer of JH.ZANE, it shows that this price range is acceptable and main sales are from Chinese clients. Moreover the middle class in China expected grow to 600 million within ten years, it is clear to believe that a huge potential consumer for the international designers about affordable fashion products. Since the changing of consuming behavior in China is more focus about differentiate themselves and show their own personality and lifestyle from the spirit from designer. (Kingdom of the Netherlands, 2014) China market has been regarded as the most potential market for JH.ZANE. “As China is a developing country which GDP has been growth impressive 11.6% in
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