Case Study : Marketing Management Assignment Essay

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651: Marketing Management Assignment

Name of the product: Fastrack Watches
Parent Company: Titan

Submitted By: Nikita Ashwinbhai Patel
Student ID: CIB00002E0
Term: 2D
Year: 2015
Assessor’s Name: David Cooke

Watches are considered as an integral part of an individual’s personality in today’s world, whether it’s just to show your status or to see the time, from trendy straps to a single belt, from young to old, each and every age group prefer their kind of watch. In this, we are going to talk about Fastrack watches, one of the leading watch manufacturers in India. Before becoming an individual brand, it was a sub-brand of the company Titan. In previous years there was a huge competition between Indian and the foreign brands like Timex, Swatch, Titan, Rolex, Mont Blanc, Movado, Swatch, etc. Many companies have already gained a respectful place in the industries while some others are still in the process of developing themselves. Customers have become choosy about the brand and types of the watch, whether it is mechanical, analog or digital, along with the types of materials used like leather, plastic, aluminium or any other fiber. Let me give a brief introduction on the parent company:
Titan Company Overview:
 Titan was launched in the year 1984.
 It is a combined venture of the TATA Group and the TamilNadu Industrial Development Corporation.
 Fifth largest watch manufacturing company which exports its products to over 32 countries around the world.
 It

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