Case Study: Marketing the ‘Lost’ Tv Drama Abc’s Integrated Marketing Strategy

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CASE STUDY: MARKETING THE ‘LOST’ TV DRAMA ABC’S Integrated Marketing Strategy MODULE TITLE: MARKETING MANAGEMENT AND STRATEGY WORD COUNT: 1999 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The objective of this report is to critically analyse the case “Marketing the ‘Lost’ TV Drama Series” applying the relevant concepts of Marketing Management and Strategy. ABC has introduced the show in 2004 and since then legions of fans follow the adventures of the survivors of a plane crash in a deserted island. The network seems to have covered all angles on an extensive and innovative marketing campaign that integrated several media and benchmarked this segment of the TV shows in the United States. Although challenging and barely attractive (Porter’s…show more content…
Product Life Cycle Launching campaigns of this magnitude (to be discussed under The Promotion) are typically employed during the introductory stage of a product, when the company’s marketing objectives, sales promotion and advertising are focused on generating brand awareness and inducing trial. According to Rogers, innovators are the potential costumers. Currently in the third season LOST is most likely to be in the growing stage of the PLC (Kotler and Keller 2006). Accordingly, ABC has licensed product extensions such as games, memorabilia, clothing, etc ( As usually expected to the growth stage, the number of competitors adopting the same strategy outlines is increasing. The TV show Heroes (NBC Network) applies similar tactics. Primatech is a fictitious company that is central to the show’s storyline ( However, some characteristics of a mature product are also present, e.g. high profit market and line diversification, such as mobisodes and online games. BCG Matrix LOST has high audience levels and therefore it is reasonable to assume a high market share associated. Moreover, this is a high growth market. Thus, LOST is a “STAR” product. Consequently, a correlation between the PLC and the BCG matrix can be drawn. Price There are two main price aspects associated with a TV show: (1)

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