Case Study : Mars International Company Essay

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1. Introduction: Mars International Company are planning to construct a new shopping mall in Al-Seeb area. The mall will be the new shopping destination for the shoppers and lousier seekers. The company is planning to construct a large parking lot to accommodate the costumers’ cars. The mall will help in decreasing the traffic along the main-road at would serve the designated area. It would also give an opportunity of small business owners to open their retailer stores in the mall. For a project like this mall, an Enviromental Impact Assesment report is needed to evaluate all the impacts of the project and study the possible alternatives. 1.1 Report Objectives: 1.2 site Location Description: The mall is located at distance of from the main street. The mall construction area is designed to cover 6828.64 m2 from the 10,000 m2 the total land area. The project is build at very high standards to meet the rabid development needs of Al Seeb residents and nearby areas. The construction of the project is expected to be completed at the early of 2017. The proposed location is 900 m away from the nearest exit from the main road. The mall is located between the latitude 23°38 '57.8"N and longitude 58°12 '50.6"E. The will be constructed on a virgin land that hasn’t been constructed earlier. The nature of the soil in the area can be classified according to soil classification systems as type B. the possible impacts of the project are discussed in details in the next section of the

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