Case Study : Mcdonald 's Company

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McDonald case study
McDonalds was first incorporated in the year 1955 in USA with a single restaurant. Currently, McDonald has transformed to be the biggest and the fastest growing in the industry of fast food services (Employee handbook, 18). The corporation sales are now at a staggering $30 billion an year contributed by the 21,000 stores that are located across 101 different nations around the world. The success of the corporation has been as a result of a great contribution by the company’s management where there has been application of new ideas to give the corporation an upper edge in the market. On analysis of the company’s blueprints, a projection has been made where the corporation
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Firstly, there is application of Peters and Waterman theory that reflects on the common themes that are argued and believed to be behind success and excellence (Peter and Waterman,54). The themes have aided McDonald in the aspects of making improvements thereby achieving success and job satisfaction of the employees in general. Moreover, McDonald is involved in the business that requires high quality, service, and hygiene and customer satisfaction. In order to fulfill this, the human resource management at the McDonald has made sure that it has identified a workforce with the capability of satisfying all the above requirements. As a result, there has been creation of a team that has enabled the McDonald to achieve its goals and objectives.
Secondly, McDonald’s human resource management has deciphered that success in a corporation does not come as a result of having the right employees. The human resource feels that the corporation should go an extra mile in making sure that the company realize its goals and objectives of generation of profits and reducing the risk of loss. In order to ensure that McDonald is always on the right track, the human resource has adapted employee motivation strategies in order to ensure job satisfaction and enhancement of employee’s morale (Judge, 530). For instance, McDonald conducts on job training sessions that seek to equip employees with the required skills that will lead to satisfaction of all the
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