Case Study : Mcdonald 's Organization

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Task 1 1.1 Description of the organization: The organization I have selected is known as McDonald’s. The Business operates primarily in the food service industry. McDonalds also has many license agreements with various partner companies to help them conduct business effectively and profitably. McDonald is recognizable by the classic golden arches spelling ‘M’ above each store. The vision of the company is “To be the best quick service restaurant experience”. The company operates in over 100 countries and also it has more than 35,000 restaurants, serving more than 68 Million Customers daily. ( 's, 2014) The key company design elements are efficiency, cost effectiveness and best practices. The design of the organization is based on the administration and the execution of the strategic plan. Thus the organization focuses on achieving its goals and strategies with respect to effectiveness and better efficiency. The company practically invented limited menu items, fresh foods, fast service networks and affordable prices, which are the pillars of success for the company. It is the largest and the most recognized global provider of food service. McDonald’s culture is one that permeates throughout the company with team work and structure. It operates through a system of global infrastructure and communication that have made McDonalds renowned for their employee’s dedication to the customer experience. This creates a shared value system that infuses
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