Case Study : Mckinsey 's Model

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McKinsey 7s The McKinsey 7s models contain seven independent factors which are classified as “Hard” and “Soft” elements: The Hards’ elements are; 1- Strategy, which outlines the specific actions a firm intends to implement to appeal to potential customers. So its firm target market, related to marketing mix – four Ps, and the bases what the firm plans to build a sustainable competitive advantage defined as an advantage over competition that is not easily to copied and thus can be maintain over long period of time so it’s the key for long – term financial performance. 2- Structure, is the hierarchy of the firm and who reports to whom. 3- Systems, how is the firm works to get its job done, which is supporting process and procedures help managers at the daily bases to make a good decision in their firms. 4- Skills, the strength of the firm’s employees which represents on their experience, and their capability to get the job done successfully. 5- Style, is the behavior of the firm’s leadership that influencing others to get the best out of the employees to get the company’s specific goals. 6- Staff, is that required to hire adequate employees, and training them to get them ready to do their best in the firm. 7- Shared Values, is the foundation for any firm so that will guide the employee behavior towards the core of the firm value, and build strong crew that his loyalty to the firm, because when the firm has weak foundation that urge the employees to
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