Case Study: Medical Ethics

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Case Study: Medical Ethics The case scenario in question verily presents a mind boggling situation. We are introduced to an intelligent woman of a credible forty years of age, suffering from a painful neurological affliction. As explained, her condition, the Gullian-Barnes syndrome, undermines the quality of her life greatly, by tremendously restricting her ability to move or to even so much as breathe on her own. Ms Katherine depends upon life support and her paralysis has rendered her bodily functions negligible. Furthermore, the chances of her recovering from the said condition have been told to become rather bleak. The case study then transcends into the core of the predicament at hand, as Ms Katherine is content with the idea of informed consent to perform Euthanasia. On the surface this case study is a singular decision taken by an educated woman to steer her life in whichever direction she sees fit. However, this request of hers raises moral and ethical arguments that have been thriving for as long as the medical profession itself. In order to understand the gravity of her situation and what she has sought, we must first breakdown her request into key points in order for us to understand its magnitude. According to Vaibhav Goel, in his article "Euthanasia A Dignified End of Life" Euthanasia is defined as, "the intentional killing by act or omission of a human being for his or her alleged benefit." (Goel, 2008) Viewing the case study in accordance with this
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