Case Study: Meet The Les Family

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Meet the Les family. Ema, 33, and is one of the moms. Haley, 35, and is also one of the moms. Dipper, 5, is the son of Ema. Celeste, 15, is the daughter of Heley. Ema chose to be a Biomedical Engineer, because all of the signs added up. She is beyond enthusiastic about science, helping people, creativity, and one part of her always wanted to be in the medical field. Haley decided to be a Photographer because she has a love for art and enjoys the hobby. Ema earns $62,986.00 annually, and Haley earns $49,000.00. Together they produce $111,986.00. For their gross monthly income, they make $9,332.17. With the deductions of $1,136.81 for our federal income tax, $387.27 for their state income tax, $578.58 for our social security, $135.31 for their…show more content…
They live in an okay neighborhood at 18 Belmont CirTrenton, NJ 08618. It is a four bedroom two full bath, two story house. It also has an inground pool! It is 1,998 acres giving the kids lots of space for friends and parties. For their thirty year mortgage they pay about $649.00 and they pay $405.00 for their insurance and property tax. They are sure to love the house with the four bedrooms and tons of space. They chose this house because it has four bedrooms for all of us and an inground pool. (The children insisted.) It has a rich history and it will soon have a great family living in it. They will do some renovations around the house, like fixing the yard, adding gardens, painting, and flooring, but otherwise the house is perfect! The Les family's first car purchase! Ema bought a silver white 2016 Nissan Versa 1.6S. It is brann new with the price of $10,977.00 and $185.00 per month with the additional $405.00 for insurance. Later on as they live on with their lives they decide to put aside $200 of gas a month. Haley bought a red 2011 Ford Fiesta SE 4D Sedan with the price of $9,998. She loved driving from place to place in her lovely new car. We chose our cars for the size for our children to fit inside and because Ema’s car is fast and
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