[Case Study] Morgan Motor Company

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[pic] Advanced Research IBMS 201 Norvin Brooks 0805963 Matu Zeggai 0804850 Dominique Pouw 0805427 Floyd van Joost 0785318 Table of contents |Intro + Ch. 1 |3 - 5 | |Ch. 2 |5 - 11 | |Ch. 3 |12 - 13 | |Ch. 4 |14 - 18 | |Ch. 5 |19 | |Ch. 6 |20 | |Bibliography |21 | Introduction Morgan Motor Company is a well known car company that manufactures…show more content…
Operations Are the departments working well with each other? This part of the model will discuss if the operation of the company is efficient. Outbound Logistics This model will discuss if the outbound logistics of the company is working well. How much time will it take before a customer gets the product, his dream car? Marketing & Sales Things like where are the sales offices, and can their brand name still be improved by building new ones in the world, will be discussed in this model as well. Service Every company can improve their sales and profits by giving more service to the customer. This part of the model discusses the service of the company. After sales services as well as local services. Customers need to feel happy with the product. Do they? The answer will be find in this part. 2.4 Process mapping, describing an organization Process mapping refers to what a company actually has to produce and how they will achieve that. It also shows who is responsible for what and what the company has to do in order to succeed in the business they are doing. The flow chart is one of the famous so called seven tools of quality and was originally assembled by Kaoru Ishikawa for use with quality circles. This is the way you create a flow chart: -First, you gather information on how the process flows: -Next you check the trial process flow -Then you let someone check for corrections. -Finally you finish the process flow. Source: Reference 2.4 2.5 Causal model, using
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