[Case Study] Morgan Motor Company

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Advanced Research

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Table of contents

|Intro + Ch. 1 |3 - 5 |
|Ch. 2 |5 - 11 |
|Ch. 3 |12 - 13 |
|Ch. 4 |14 - 18 |
|Ch. 5 |19 |
|Ch. 6 |20 |
|Bibliography |21 |

Morgan Motor Company is a well known car company
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We will also give our readers a brief overview of our research.

Chapter 2: Literature review

In this chapter we will discuss the merits of the models and tools used for analysis.

Chapter 3: Research Design

In this chapter we will discuss our research questions and data collection method(s).

Chapter 4: The Morgan Motor company

In this chapter we will describe Morgan Motor Company using the Value Chain Model and process mapping.

Chapter 5: Conclusion and summary

In this chapter we will present the conclusions and summary

Chapter 6: The recommendation

In this chapter we will provide the recommendations for Morgan Motor Company.

Chapter 2

2.1 Introduction

In this chapter we will briefly discuss what models we will use to reflect on the Morgan motor company, and we will explain why. The main models explained will be the Value Chain Model and the Fishbone diagram. Besides this you will find a process map.

With these models we will describe the company, later in this report. But for now, we just want to show you what these models contain, and why we choose them.

2.2 The value chain model analysis The value chain concept describes perfectly how much value and activity ads to a product. There are 3 main parts of the chain. Namely: The gross sales part, the Support activities part ant the Primary activities part.

Gross sales part
Here the value added by and the cost of the sales of the product is added

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