Case Study : Moss And Mcadams Accounting Firm

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Oscar Martinez
Project management
Module 2 Case Studies

Case: Moss and McAdams Accounting Firm

Moss and McAdams Accounting Firm was a well-established regional accounting firm with 160 employees located across six offices in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Over the last two years, the partners decided to move more aggressively into the consulting business where it is projected that 40 percent of their growth would come from in next five years. M&M operates within a matrix structure. Thus, as new client were recruited, a manager was assigned to the account. Ruby Sands was the office manager responsible for assigning personnel to different accounts in the Green Bay office.

The case involves two projects. The first project was led by Bruce Palmer and was about leading an audit of Johnsonville Trucks. He was pleased with the five accountants who had been assigned to him, especially Zeke Olds—an army veteran who was on the top of financial information systems and had a reputation for coming up for new innovative solutions. Ken Crosby led the second project and it was about a special consulting project—Springfield Metal Project. Crosby instead that Zeke Olds be assigned to his team.

Ruby Sands decided to work out a compromise and have Olds split time across both projects. However, the decision was poor since it affected Olds’ performance. The confrontation between the two project managers occurs when Palmer and Crosby both wanted to use Olds’ services simultaneously. After six…

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