Case Study : Motor Vehicle Pollution

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1. 3rd Grade
2. Motor vehicle pollution
3. Rationale for project’s focus
One child told the class that their car was emitting a lot of smoke. The other children started asking whether it was burning, and why it was having smoke. They mentioned that most car have smoke and wanted to find out why the smoke only comes when the car is on. Exploring the car emissions could lead to learning about pollution, driving rules, and caring for the environment.
The project is appropriate for the student 's interest in learning about their immediate surrounding, understanding pollution from vehicles. Given the interest, the project would assist the student to be able to connect their knowledge with the repeated opportunities for using materials and resources to improve that knowledge.
The students have a tendency to ask questions about their general observation. They have an exploratory skill that needs further development. They can benefit from an ability to plan tasks to accomplish an outcome that communicates what they are learning as well as their new capabilities, gained from the learning process (Kuby, 2013).
4. Timeline
In the first week, students become familiar with basic facts about vehicles, fuel, smoke, color, shape, movement. I will use pictures of vehicles to discuss different types of cars. I will inform students about pollution caused by car smoke. I will have posters to show the relationship of pollutions and cars and why there is need to reduce the pollution. Children…

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