Case Study: Mr Bean

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Case Study : Mr Bean

1) What are the roles and benefits of branding to sellers and buyers in the food and beverage business? Is branding only for big companies? Why or why not?

Branding is a basic decision in marketing products, this is whereby an organization uses a name, a phrase, design, symbols or combinations of these to identify its products and distinguish themselves form their competitors. The benefits of branding to sellers and buyers in the food and beverage business would be that buyers can identify with the brand and what the brand promises such as quality or affordability. In the case of Mr Bean, branding in the F & B business their brand slogan tells customers how they are “Bringing you life’s simple pleasures”.
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2) What constitutes the brand identity of Mr Bean? What is your evaluation of the Mr Bean brand identity? What will you add and what will you subtract from this identity?

The brand identity of Mr Bean is “Bringing you life’s simple pleasures.” This is seen in the case study. Also the case study mentions that as a brand Mr Bean “hopes to inspire and touch lives.” As a brand Mr Bean is also a fast food seller, selling soya bean drinks and soya pastries. We see that the brand name for Mr Bean fulfils the criteria of a good brand name. Firstly the brand name Mr Bean suggest their products benefits, in this case the bean in Mr Bean would refer to soya bean related products. Mr Bean is a distinct and memorable name with image of a happy smiling bean this helps consumers remember the brand of Mr Bean as a positive brand. The brand name of Mr Bean fits the company image as bean connotes a firm selling food and beverages to customers and specifically soya bean related products. The brand name of Mr Bean is a registered trademark and is protected under the law. Lastly the name of Mr Bean is simple enough and the logo of a happy smiling bean helps reinforce the image of a business that is dynamic and positive striving to provide a pleasured filled experience for their customers. The
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