Case Study Mr.Dees Essay

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Case Study: Mr.Dees

* Mr.Dee is a hard-working person that he studied in Berkeley and did his master in international trade. At the same he got married but he is has some unknown and blind factors which causes him to change his job a lot and lost his family. He needed to become more self-aware.

He quit his job and he started to work with the company, Mitsubishi. Besides working in there, he started his own company with a partnership. Mr Dee, his partner and his partner’s wife have different things to do in the company and at first they make good money. Then Mr.Dee began hearing rumors and started to search it without biases.

“In that situation it can be clearly seen that he shows the “”BLIND” characteristics of JoHari Window.
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The idea of competitors changed to be cohorts.

“In order to be successful in that case Mr.Dees manages the conflict constructively. He generated the current solutions and searched fort he common acceptable solution. Also asking to the team members shows that he triedto figure out what they have learned. In addition to this, he gave importance on Rational Goal Model and to its analysis. He focused on providing a vision that inspires followers and justifies the organization. To achieve this vision, the steps needed to be taken were clarified fort he optimum effectiveness.”

* There is a moderate increase in railroad. Also they won an award. After 3 years later, Mr. Stevens was spending the railroad out of business. When it was discovered Mr.Dees was downsized again.

* Mr.Dees moved to India to start grain marketing business. The contracts and bills took almost all of his time. His daily bids and the externel forces like weather, government controls… made him to change this job to something which can be less stressful and more stable. So he closed it. Although selling insurance can be weird, he got lots of benefits from it.


* He got back together with his highschool sweetheart and he tried to provide a better life for his children. He wanted to built his own business and to be his own boss. But uneducated wife bothered him to discipline his children. The emotion of his vision forced him to overcome these challanges and

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