Case Study : Mr. Grape

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Mr. Grape is a 52-year-old single African American male who resides in Phoenix, Arizona. His parents separated when he was 8-years-old because his father was abusive towards his mother and his mother’s infidelity. Mr. Grape’s older brothers were high-functioning and well-behaved, which made Mr. Grape feel like an outsider. As a result, he had behavioral and attitudinal problems and frequently engaged in defiant, oppositional, and negativistic behaviors. After completing high school, Mr. Grape joined the military but was dishonorably discharged. Since then, he worked as a substance abuse counselor and held numerous hands-on labor jobs. In addition, Mr. Grape has received five prison sentences, as well as numerous arrests and convictions for many different crimes, and was seemingly bragging as he reported his legal history. Mr. Grape also has a history of substance abuse and has enrolled in two residential drug treatment programs. Mr. Grape does not have a history of psychiatric treatment or mood disturbances, aside from recent depressive episodes. He was referred by the court for a psychological evaluation. Specifically, the court requested an evaluation of his psychological and emotional functioning to determine whether or not he was at risk for violence and/or other maladaptive behavior that would compromise his ability to raise his newborn child. Mr. Grape’s test results indicate several notable findings, which may be the result of his maladaptive childhood

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