Case Study : Mr. Linden 's Book Shop

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Mr. Linden’s Book Shop He had warned her about the book. Now it’s too late..... There was a girl. She lay in the bed sound asleep, in her cold, dark room. Beside her, was a book. The book had long vines that have grown out of it. The vines grew longer, and longer, and longer, until they reached to the end of her bed, then to the floor, and then to her door. A few months earlier, there was a man named Mark Linden. He wanted to own a book store. When he thought about buying a store. He searched the streets for stores or shops that have been closed down and weren’t in use. It took him a long time to find the right one that made him feel at home. He found a medium sized shop after looking for a few days. It looked as if it hadn’t been in use for at least 10 years. Inside of it was a cold, dark room filled with spider webs. The smell was very foul like a rats nest. There was no light in the room. He was mad that there was no light and that he would have to go get light bulbs and lamps. When he got the light bulbs, he replaced them and then worked on cleaning up. He dusted the bookshelves, swept the floor, and cleaned the computers. After a month or so, he started to get a lot of people to come to his shop to buy books, because no one else in the town worked at or owned a place where you could get books at the time. The business started to get better and better, then the girl came to borrow a book. Her name was Lucy, and she is 8 years old. Her family was poor and she barely

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