Case Study : Mr Smith

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Case Study – Mr Smith

Countless of different patients come to seek healthcare and advice for a variety of reasons including certain signs and symptoms they feel that their health is threatened by. It is a crucial skill that health practitioners have a working knowledge of different pathologies patients can present with to direct the patient appropriately towards the correct diagnosis and thus, prescribe the most effective treatment in return. Mr Smith is a 63-year-old male suffering from hypertension and diabetes for the last 20 years. He irregularly monitors blood pressure and blood glucose levels as well as inconsistently uses Minidiab and Tritace for treatment. He presents with shortness of breath worsening over the past five weeks as well as other multiple symptomologies. Throughout this case study, we will examine the pathophysiology of Mr Smith’s health concerns, clarify and interpret the physical examination outcomes and laboratory tests. Through the exams, we will then propose a number of possible and justified diagnoses and after that lead to further diagnostic tests suggested as a result of these interpretations.
Pathophysiology of Signs and Symptoms:
Pathophysiologically analysing the signs and symptoms of Mr Smith aged 63 is the first step in substantiating differential diagnosis. Mr Smith’s temperature is within the normal ranges of 37 degrees Celsius, where a temperature of 38 would be considered high. If his temperature had been elevated, it
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