Case Study : My Client & Give A Brief Synopsis Of The Case / History

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Case Study 2
Identify your client & give a brief synopsis of the case/history: Helen Stonewall is a married 32-year-old African American female. Helen was brought into see me because she had to be removed from the middle of the street by the police where she was dancing in the middle of the city street half naked at 2am without having any sense of danger. Just before that she removed from a bar where she was dancing on the table and ignoring the bartenders request to get down. Helen had consumed only two drinks before these acts were committed her medical evaluation concludes that there was no excessive use of drugs. She said, “that she was high on life”.
Identify client strengths & sources of support: Although Helen did some very
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Which means that at most bars dancing and drinking is tolerated. So she was at the correct place to engage in those activity’s. It wasn’t until she stood on the table and started talking loudly before she was escorted out of the bar. She then commuted to the street from the bar to continue dancing, but she did this in the middle of the street. Helen was in the correct atmosphere to engage in the activities she did at first, she just had a hard time knowing when enough was enough. Similar to being over confident, which was a contributing factor to her arrest. The gentlemen that she was with could have played a role in the environment factor because they could have encouraged her to behave in a disruptive matter.
Identify a target for intervention: Helen recurrent mood episodes and suicidal ideation needs to be addressed immediately. Her moods episodes need to be addressed because she is likely to harm herself, id she continue the dangerous acts such as dancing in the middle of the street. Her suicidal ideation needs to be addressed because if she is thinking bout I there is a chance tat she might actually carry out the act.
Identify at least one mode of treatment: The primary goal is to develop a plan for her mood disorders. Some treatment option for Helen is CBT therapy and medication. CBT therapy will allow her to be educated about her disorder and have a better connection with herself. Helen should be given a placebo before any other drug
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