Case Study : My Flat Mates And I Usually Rotating Of The Study Vacation 's Activity Arrangement

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Reflective essay
Case 1 o Situation
Two of my flat mates and I usually rotate our roles of being the ‘manager’ for each of the study vacation’s activity arrangement. It was then D’s turn to be our group leader and plan the trip to Melbourne.

o Complication
D is a smart, considerate and genuine person, but she has trouble making decisions. She resembles a full-on shy kid when she has to communicate to people from different agencies or book any appointments on a face-to-face basis.

o Resolution
The plan itself is very detailed, plausible and sound but due to the fact that D lacks a certain amount of elements that contributing to an efficient leader, we encountered a few problems.

Firstly, we almost missed our last chance to get the
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Her low self-assurance, indecisiveness and introversion stood in the way of her effective communication with others.

Trait approach (Lang 1999) leadership theory can function better for D by making a few adjustments.

Firstly, being more innovative and sharp when encountering problems and being ready for possible consequences of the decisions made earlier. She could talk straight to the flight agencies to get desired tickets based on the fact that those subtle differences between times and prices are acceptable for us.

Secondly, she should be able to distinguish the rest two of us flat mates’ personalities and assign respective tasks for us instead of handling all the problems by herself. For example, S is talkative, so she could run the communication routines; I’m decisive, so I could book the events and tickets.

By promoting her own leadership traits and assigning tasks for us will establish a clearer and logical link between traits and position. An informal hierarchy is set up (Judge, Piccolo & Kosalka 2009) and therefore lead to a more efficient decision making process and desirable outcome.

Trait approach may serve its purpose in this case because D can practice public-speaking or through daily communicating exercise to boost her socializing skill so as to match the leadership criteria. However, with regard to the dimensions like integrity and intelligence, this approach

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