Case Study : My Medical Surgical / Oncology Unit

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Strategy to Change Nursing workload is an ongoing concern, one that influences the safety of both the patient and the nurse. Thus, attention is now focused more than ever on establishing a minimum nurse-to-patient ratio and acuity tools that evaluate nursing care requirements. S.B. 228 and H.B. 4311 will greatly impact the present and future of nursing in the United States if enacted. I believe it will help address many of the problems I see affecting nursing workload and the nursing shortage today. This legislation has a comprehensive plan that will mandate unit specific staffing-minimums, unit specific acuity tools, and will take into account situation-level workload. This legislation not only creates more reasonable workloads, it also reduces stress levels resulting in more nurses remaining in the profession and new individuals being attracted to nursing. With the goal to improve patient safety and nursing satisfaction, nurses need to get involved, take action, and support this legislation. My Strategy to Change: A Patient Acuity Tool (PAT) On my medical-surgical/oncology unit we have 32 patients with highly complex needs. Patient severity of illness often dictates nursing care needs; however, studies show that most often acuity refers to nursing intensity in terms of the amount of time required to provide patient care (Brennan & Daly, 2008). Therefore, I believe that patient acuity is a concept that is very important to patient safety. My unit’s patient

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