Case Study : My Summer Pharmacy Internship

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The case:
During my summer pharmacy internship, a situation arose that there was a middle age male who carried a gun on his chest presented in my pharmacy, he was trying to buy some syringes and needles without prescription. The pharmacist on duty went up to talk to him. During the conversation, the pharmacist noticed that customer’s pupils were dilated, could not respond to pharmacist’s questions quickly, even mumbled to himself. Also the pharmacist saw bruises and some injection holes on both of his arms, so our pharmacist decided not to sell the syringes and needles to the customer and told the customer we didn 't have those products in stock at that moment since manufactures put those in back order and not sure when we could get them. By trying not to irritate the patient, pharmacist also told customer that he could check back later to see if we have the products. If you were the pharmacist on duty, would you sell the syringes and needles to that customer?
The outcome and implications of the outcome:
The customer didn 't seem to be irritated when he left, and he never came back to my pharmacy. Whether or not providing clean and new syringes and needles to potential drug users has been provoking considerable moral and legal argument for a long period of time. On one hand, while providing them clean syringes and needles, it could prevent life-threatening disease transmission in a great extent by avoiding sharing contaminated injecting products. However, freely selling…
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