Case Study: Native American Letter

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Case study: Native American letter For most of my life, I lacked basic access to healthcare on my reservation. I tried to keep myself as healthy as I could, but there was little decent food available. My people were happy to eat at all, let alone worry about eating healthy, fresh foods and vegetables. Our lives on the reservation are hard and full of toil. It is difficult to travel outside of the reservation, so we buy most of our foods in cans and packets from the local store. That is why Indians are more than twice as likely as whites to have diabetes (Native American complications, 2012, We eke out a meager existence as best we can, and performing for tourists is often my only source of income. After losing a leg to an infection because of my diabetes, I can no longer even do that, or enjoy participating in the tribal functions that were my one source of contentment. Much has been taken from my people our land, our dignity, and our sense of autonomy. Tribal dancing is one of the few reminders of what native culture used to be like. It is a bitter thing to feel dependent on the dollars of tourists but we still take pride in our dancing. I wish I did not have to beg your organization for assistance, but I must because I have no other choice. The only health insurance I have is Medicaid, which will only cover a basic prosthetic leg that will not allow me to dance, drum, and perform all of which are necessary in my livelihood. Without a bionic
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