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Case study 1 – Ralf Pierson (12495986)

1. Question: What HR issues and challenges would need to be addressed by Natural Knibbles?
Answer: In order to successfully complete the transition Natural Knibbles is going to make, HR managers have to ensure that the stuff is supported during the whole process of transition. It is crucial to maintain the familiar atmosphere and inform the employees formal about the new strategy before rumors are created. This point is essential in order to make sure that the employees fully back the altered strategies. By standing up for the new plans the unity of the company and its consistent thinking is maintained which is crucial for the success of a company.
Furthermore an HR plan about the demand and
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HRIM databases can be beneficial for top management development of business strategies. He gives an overview of database entries of an HRIM system. Items range from “address specifications” over “educational degree” and “pay change reason” to “performance increase in %” and specific skill functions. As an advantage entries can be used to forecast average labor costs and supply of internal human resources. But an integrated and intranet based HRIM system has advantages for almost every section of employee in an organization. HRIM systems can give rights to specific user groups with a certain job position. As a health and safety manager for instance you can access and analyses with the help of statistics an increase or decrease in injuries. Tasks can be more accurately assigned to people with the right skills which in turn improves the efficiency of workflow and the job satisfaction since employees do not have to work in a field they are not specialists in (Stone, 2008).

5. Question: Part of the HR planning process undertaken at Natural Knibbles may indicate a need to change the employment arrangements for some employees. Under the requirements of current Australian employment law, what are the legal obligations of Natural Knibbles regarding these employees and how can they ensure that these are met?
Answer: Due to possible restructuring of the internal job and duty distribution, responsibilities and agreements can change. Furthermore

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