Case Study : Network Consultation For Designit

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Assignment 1: Network Consultation for DesignIT
Faizan Chaudhry
Prof. Obi Ndubuisi
CIS 175 Introduction to Networking

DesignIT is a graphic arts company that is expanding business and has recently purchased a new building 56’*36’ space for the purpose of housing two full time designers and a receptionist. The new building has four cubicles, one office, one server room, one reception desk, and a conference room. DesignIT has already relocated one Web Server (Microsoft IIS Server), one File Server (Microsoft Server 2008), and one more Server 2008 (Small Business Server). As a network design consultant, I have been charged with the task of designing and configuring the network for DesignIT. The small company has
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These factors will impact on the network costs, speed, infrastructure, and functionality. When designing this Local Area Network (LAN) for DesignIT, there is also need to consider the network requirements. The network should integrate sound, video, synchronous, as well as asynchronous data. When designing the LAN network, the organizational goals of DesignIT should be factored in the LAN design. I will also pay attention to network throughput, line charges, security, and the integration of newer technologies in the future. When designing a LAN network, some issues must be considered, one of these issues is the organization’s short, medium, and long term goals. Several factors to be considered include the network equipment, user applications, end-user equipment (workstations), and connectivity to the internet.
The LAN network for DesignIT will include other network devices which include gateways, routers, firewall, and cables. Without these devices communication cannot be possible from a computer to another in the LAN network. A router and switch are the most important devices of a network. Networks which are well configured and have a good infrastructure are helpful in improving manageability, performance, reliability and reducing overall operating cost (Kenyon, 2002). To set up this LAN network for the DesignIT, the following are the hardware and software devices that I would utilize so as to design the

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