Case Study : Network Enterprise Architecture

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NETWORK ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE 31276 ASSESSMENT TASK 2 PAVITHRA DAMUNUPOLA 11583135 Question 1: SYSPRO SYSPRO is one of the largest ERP software vendors who serve more than 60 countries across the world. Over 14,500 licensed companies use SYSPRO ERP solutions as they provide control over the planning and management of all the areas of business including manufacturing, accounting and distribution. With 35 years of experience and the highest customer retention rates in the industry SYSPRO has been proven their ability of delivering unique industrial standard ERP solutions for their customers. SYSPRO is known as one of the few mid-market business applications vendors focuses on developing a personal one-to-one relationship with the customers. SYSPRO is differs from other ERP manufacturing products as it offers flexible management and control over each an every component of the business including financials, sales, CRM, Inventory operations and the supply chain. SYSPRO delivers their services across four main industries including food and beverage, medical services, machinery and equipment and electronics. Apart from these it also provides services to industries such as automotive construction, mining, pharmaceutical and aerospace. SYSPRO does not require any external applications to install multiple modules and this ensures the effectiveness of all the operations in production environment. SYSPRO provides complete set of solutions to business by
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