Case Study : New Era Consulting

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Workers Taking Too Long To Return To Work (Appendix A, Analysis Workbook)
PYB has had a history of workers suffering of a work-related injury at work and not returning to work for an elongated amount of time. This accredited to their high 1.60 mod and not a program to incentive workers to return back to work. The longer that it takes for workers to return, the more it will cost PYB in the future when their WC premium skyrockets.
New Era Consulting recommends the implementation of a wellness program through their benefits plan. Although this sounds odd, it’s a testament of how much your Benefits & WC plans tie in to each other. With this wellness program, it will incentives employee to practice a healthy lifestyle and wellness. It is proven that healthier employees will result more production, less injuries and more days at work.
We then recommend implementing a “light duty” work program to incentive workers to come back to work. This program will pay them their normal salary in order to return to work. This program can contain clerical and “mail room” duties until the individual can bounce back to normal duties. This will push the injured to come back immediately and lower WC payouts. This will reduce PYB’s experience rating in the future.
On top of all of this, we will continue to implement a thorough loss control program that improves operation safety.

– Business Continuation

Cultural Risk
We put cultural risk under the business continuation category because…
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