Case Study : New Healthcare Security Systems

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There are several companies around that have created new healthcare security systems. A company that I recently researched is General Dynamics IT, with a product called STARSSolutions Suite. The STARSSolution Suite product applies to healthcare fraud, waste and abuse (FWA). FWA is a continuing concern in healthcare because of the large quantity of money that is claimed yearly. This product contains four key solutions that would assist a healthcare provider including STARSInterceptor, STARSSentinel, STARSInformant and STARSCommander. These solutions focus on pre-pay prevention, post-pay detection, ad-hoc investigative analytics and workload management. Their analysis and reports can be used to differentiate the small mistakes from intentional fraudulent activities (Fraud, Waste and Abuse, n.d.). This software is strictly focused on healthcare fraud and their product is catered to our business and field of work. Since AngMar is a small privately owned company there are a limited amount of employees on staff. The majority of our employees are nurses that provide the in home healthcare for our clients and the rest of the employees are the corporate staff. This product seemed to be a good fit due to the option of outsourcing most of the processing. AngMar has a relatively small IT department, around 3 people at corporate, and this system would not be their area of expertise. Having an outsourced system is more cost effective for a small company like ours, as it is with our
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