Case Study - New Hire Mismanagement Essay

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Case Study: New Hire Mismanagement

Case Study: New Hire Mismanagement


When accepting the position of a Campus Recruiter for ABC, Inc., there were specific tasks and expectations that go along with the job title. The specific tasks were explained however, due to the improper planning and poor execution, the individual failed to deliver what was outlined in the job title. This paper will explain the failures due to improper planning, lack of experience and poor time management skills. Furthermore, areas that will be outlined from this case study will include various detailed causes as well as; different solutions to strengthen the recruiting department and prevent any further weaknesses.


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Many of the issues could have been avoided simply by doing research or asking for help.

Developing a sufficient protocol or schedule is key however, it is imperative that the proper research on wait times for drug screens, background checks and pre-employment physicals is done so scheduling will go smoothly. It is critical to ensure that you have the proper tools and information to complete the required tasks.

Just like any position or task assigned, organization is critical. Carl was moving forward without knowing exactly how the pieces of the puzzle were to be put together. The recruiter did not utilize the appropriate tools such as, database, spreadsheets or check lists to ensure proper completion of the hiring process. Moreover, the recruiter did not set completion goals for each step to aid in this completion. Therefore, Carl did not see that there were numerous critical issues in the hiring process, which will not only affect the new hires, but will also cause delays for Monica Carroll and the operations department.


There are several alternatives that may strengthen the human recourses (HR) department in the future however, will not fix the current issue at hand. Implementing a new hire protocol that clearly defines each step of the

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