Case Study : New Software Development Project

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A) i) For the Project ASU, the major part is new Software development project. In order to be successful with customers it is essential for ASU to have significant hit rate driven by capturing customer value. Customer value is driven by Desired Customer Outcomes. There is need to understand what customer needs and what will make customer successful. Based on that develop Business strategies, requirements for the new Software Development. Figure out a way to extract technology strategy, develop action plans and Implementation procedure. Sometimes the customers may not know what they really need, but they could describe what will make them successful. Listen to customers for developing something new to customers. As Dr. Shunk mentioned about…show more content…
The Systems Engineering Team need to watch out for the problems that will prevent meeting customer requirements such as requirement creep, changing needs, schedule pressure, excessive secondary innovation etc (2). ii) The value A in the Effort equation represent calibration factor which is a constant value that is based on historical projects considering expertise, knowledge and size of the company factors. The value of A could be arrived considering the project to be handled by mix of experienced and also less experienced technical people com paring with the standard. Normally it is less than 1. To validate the calibration factor, it is essential to know the requirements such as skillset needed for this COSYSMO, adopting the model and reusing the model, risk involved in cost estimation as most of the time we consider past projects, size drivers with rating, viewpoints, operational scenarios, schedules efforts, life cycle etc. It is also highly dependent on cost drivers, size drivers and Effort Multipliers (3).
B. i) According to the cost data given, it is to be inferred that enough work is done at the moth 5 with expenditure of $8 million. Therefore, the Schedule Variance is -$2million and Schedule Performance Index is 0.8, Cost Performance Index is 1.33. The Estimate at Completion is $18 million saving $ 6million at the
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